Our Team


Ismelda is a single mom to a young daughter with a seizure disorder. She once washed blackberries exported to the USA for less than 40 cents an hour. The blackberry farm was shut down and she was without options to feed her daughter or pay for her seizure medicine. When we stopped by her house to gift her with the medicine, her daughter began to cry. We asked this two year old sweetie, “Why are you crying?” She responded, “I’m hungry”. With a timid voice her mother explained they’d gone almost 3 days without eating. It was in this moment we knew Ismelda would be the next artisan with Soltera Leather, She cuts the leather and assists Silvia with sewing. This ethical employment has given her passion, purpose, and the means to provide for her daughter.





Silvia is a single mom of three kids, and a little baby now in heaven. She’s worked grueling hours at a sweatshop and traveled far into the city to clean homes for an unfair wage. Today, Silvia works in the same village she lives, gaining more time with her children, She’s able to provide for her family by crafting leather products for a living wage.  Sewing has always been Silvia’s passion, so employment with Soltera Leather not only provides an income, but a purpose.